biocote on action

Hygienic, anti-microbial solutions
for our grab bars, shower seats and accessories

For decades Ponte Giulio has been focusing on safe and comfort solutions for bathrooms. It’s been many years since we pioneered the use of BioCote’s anti-microbial technology to reduce the levels of bacteria, mould and some viruses up to 99.9% on our grab bars, shower seats and accessories’ surface. Today, more than ever, hygienic and microbe-free surfaces are important to protect the health of users and products.

biocote in action

Cleaner products. The silver ion technology is effective against a wide range of microbes, mould and some viruses

Handle with bacteria
Handle after 15 minutes with biocote

Protects people. Less infections
An effective defence that protects users and care-givers from cross-contamination and infections

Cleaner environments
Our anti-microbial products help create cleaner environments for users, in addition to standard cleaning routines.

Long-lived products
Grab bars, shower seats and accessories will perform, last and live longer thanks to the 24/7 action of the anti-microbial technology. Heathy products and healthy users.

Never stop
Anti-microbial properties are always active, working around the clock and in-between cleaning routines.


Anti-microbial grab bars VS stainless steel ones

The anti-microbial, BioCote protected grab bars incorporate the silver-ion technology that is always active and effective, 24/7, providing bacterial and microbial reduction up to 99.9% complementing cleaning routines. The technology stays with the products’ lifetime and does not wear-off, nor wash-away, providing a safe and proven barrier against bacteria and moulds.

Stainless steel provides a surface that is compact and free of pores, which is relatively easy to clean. Proper, deep and constant cleaning routines might help in bacteria reduction, however this is not always the case, especially in high-traffic environments. Thus it is impossible to rely on cleaning when it comes to bacteria-free surfaces, especially on such widely used products that many people, repeatedly and constantly touch and the risk of cross-contamination is very high.