Design and current trends

As bathroom furnishing experts, we have turned our attention to a noble and extremely refined material: "Corian®", generically defined as "solid surface". It is exciting to work with it for its ability to offer endless possibilities to give shape to any project.
We design unique pieces of washbasins, shower trays and accessories in this material. Architects and designers are also invited to use their creativity by designing their best piece, which we will handcraft. Products evolve along with ideas and creativity, to always be up to current trends and tastes.

Private bathroom

Any field of application

The versatility of solid surface is not only in the endless possibilities of manufacturing wonderful objects, but also in the field of application. Residential developments, hotels, restaurants, bars, schools, universities, healthcare facilities… millions of possibilities and areas where these products find place.

hotel bathroom

Handcrafted solutions. The ponte Giulio laboratory

The unique characteristics of this material allow for simple manufacturing processes such as cutting and milling, joining, finishing but also more advanced techniques, such as thermoforming or casting.
Our expert hands create truly artisanal products. We oversee the whole project. From design to shipment, the Ponte Giulio laboratory is the hearth of our "Exclusive Design" offer.