Grab bars for a safe and design bathroom

Grab bars for a safe and designer bathroom

Safety grab bars that meet any use requirement and design choice

Ponte Giulio’s wide choice of grab bars, offers safety and comfort in any context. The adoption of different materials such as vinyl and stainless steel, guarantee full adaptation to different use requirements and style choice, whilst ensuring the utmost safety and comfort for users and carers. Independent and third-party product tests are performed to guarantee optimal performance and safety. Each product line offers many different models with varied shapes and sizes for a complete and comprehensive arrangement. Ponte Giulio’s flexibility and full production control, allow easy customization opportunities.

Vinyl coated grab bar for atimicrobial protection

Vinyl coated

Healthcare use

It offers antimicrobial protection and a soft and warm-to-touch surface.

Stainless steel grab bar for private and public use

Stainless steel

Public, healthcare and domestic use

A timeless product available in satin and polished finishes.

Powder coated grab bar for a inclusive bathroom

Powder coated

Public and healthcare use

High quality meets cost-effectiveness.

Flangeless grab bar for a design bathroom

Stainless steel flangeless

Hospitality and domestic use

Modern and minimal shapes. Available in many new, contemporary colors and finishes

Abs ends grab bar for private and public use

Stainless steel with ABS ends

Hospitality and domestic use

Chromed ABS ends and coloured bars that stand out

Squared grab bar for a design bathroom


Hospitality and domestic use

The elegance of square shapes with colored accents