bathroom for kids


The care of personal hygiene is a habit that must be formed from childhood. Dedication to the youngest is a priority in every culture and raising a future citizen represents an important and continuous commitment. For this particular social group, Ponte Giulio has developed solutions with the aim of bringing them closer to the use of the bathroom and accustoming them to the culture of personal hygiene.

Child on WC

Within children’s reach

"Kids design" collects different solutions specifically developed for kindergartens, schools, playrooms. Every product is designed to suit children up to 12 years of age and adapt to the different heights of kids. The addition of colourful and fun accessories creates a more friendly, catchy and playful environment.


Fantasy and fun

The adoption of references to the animal environment, to the world of nature and the use of bright colors, characterize items aimed at stimulating the imagination and playful expression typical of children. These products perfectly combine aesthetics and functionality.