Life Caring Design

Creating inclusive bathroom spaces ...

The bathroom at home or in a hotel is an intimate space intended for self-care. It is constantly evolving and over the last few decades we have witnessed an increasing attention to the needs of a variety of users - children, elderly people, families, couples or singles - who have different characteristics from each other. So the space must be used and planned in a truly inclusive way. The bathroom then becomes functional, welcoming, comfortable, safe and accessible to everyone, and at the same time.

It is from these considerations that the concept of "Life Caring design" was born. We have been creating safety and comfort solutions for bathrooms for decades, with care, passion and attention to detail.

Private bathroom

At home…

"Life Caring Design" cares for the users in the bathroom in their private homes. We offer products that make the bathroom a welcoming, warm and inclusive space which can be used by all family members without a cold or institutional feeling. The fine design and wide choice of different, smart products and finishes allow for multiple combinations that make the bathroom a safe and truly personal space.

travelling people

When travelling

Without a doubt tourism is on the rise anywhere in the world. More and more people of any age and physical condition spend one or more nights in hotels. We want hotel guests to feel welcomed and be safe when travelling. "Life Caring Design" ensures hotels can provide comfort and safety without compromising on design and looks. Hotel bathroom spaces that are truly inclusive, modern looking and safe, giving peace of mind to guests and hotel owners.

Caring for oneself and the others…

Wether at home or away, Ponte Giulio guarantees care for oneself and the others.