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The Ponte Giulio proposal

Taking care of a patient in a healthcare facility for a temporary disability or permanent hospitalization, is complex and has big impact on both the workload of operators and patients.
Healthcare facilities are more and more faced with daily challenges and the environment’s configuration and its usability, play a fundamental role. It can in fact prove to be either a resource or an obstacle, sometimes even a big one, if structured in such a way that does not to take into account the different needs of patients, according to their general state of psychological and physical health.
Very often patients lose their independence and privacy in the use of the toilet and shower. This can be very impactful from a psychological standpoint and requires time and effort to adapt and accept the new condition and the need for help, especially for those patients who are still conscious of what happens around them.

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Responding to the needs of patients requires the identification of different solutions that adapt to the space and to their psychological and physical condition.
For more than 40 years Ponte Giulio has been designing and manufacturing unique solutions for bathrooms in healthcare facilities. Our products offer safety and comfort for both patients and care givers with the aim of safely and hygienically support and improve their daily life. Our approach is inclusive. We have a social responsibility to protect the safety, health, wellbeing, privacy and dignity of users and carers, no matter their condition.

Daily improvement and design of new solutions.

Ergonomic washbasin, taller toilets with front opening, grab bars in many different shapes and dimensions, accessories, mirrors. Many are the solutions to be mixed and adapted for specific needs. Our expertise allows us to offer a tailored approach in terms of planning and manufacture of specific products to respond fully to the necessities and well-being of users.

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Antibacterial protection

We utilize high quality, innovative materials that are biocompatible, environmentally friendly and hygienic. Many of our grab bars and accessories, also feature BioCote® antimicrobial technology.

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Sanitary ware in healthcare installations are very important elements to improve the well-being and independence of patients, as well as providing great help to care-givers.


BIM models

Building Information Modelling allows planners or technicians to jointly operate and create a more efficient and well maintained system. To better create accessible bathroom, together with architects and designers.

Building Information Modelling