Grab bar

Grab bars are the most economical safety product. Anyone, young or old, can fall in the bathroom because it is a slippery, wet environment. Installing grab bars can help prevent slips, trips and falls.

Think of grab bars as the “seat belt” of the bathroom – designed to keep you safe if you ever need it.

Vinyl grab bar

Ponte Giulio offers grab bars for every budget and design preference. Choose from stainless-steel, vinyl coated or multiple designer styles. The best grab bar is the one properly installed and available for use today.

How To Measure Grab Bars

Grab bars are measured from center flange to center flange. This means a grab bar is often longer end-to-end than the length ordered. The grab bar style and flange placement may affect the overall length. If ordering for a tight space, consider the end-to-end length.

Maxima range

A complete solid and reliable Vinyl coated grab bar collection for healthcare.

Ponte Giulio maxima range grab bars

Contractor range

A luxury vinyl coated grab bar range with an affordable price.

Ponte Giulio contractor range grab bars

Bariatric range

Vinyl coated grab bar

Ponte Giulio bariatrics range grab bars

Stainless Steel range

Stainless steel grab bars, particularly fit for crowded environments.

Ponte Giulio stainess steel range grab bars

Prestigio plus range

Grab bar range particularly fit for stylish environments.

Ponte Giulio prestigio plus range grab bars

Prestigio range

A classic grab bar range restyled in a modern elegant manner.

Ponte Giulio prestigio range grab bars

Family range

Stainless steel grab bar range suitable for all ages and generations, combining pleasing design with safety needs.

Ponte Giulio family range grab bars

Luxor range

Classic stainless steel range suitable for every kind of environment.

Ponte Giulio luxor range grab bars